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Vitamin B2 & Cold Sores

Vitamin B2 & Cold Sores

Vitamin B2 & Cold Sores: Best Sources to Consider Having a cold sore is not an experience any would […]

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Never experience cold sores again

Never Experience Cold Sores Again -2nd part

Never Experience Cold Sores Again 2nd Part – Additional 10 Proven Tips For those who are yet to read the First part of “Never Experience Cold Sores Again – 10 Proven Tips,” you may click here. However, regardless of whether you have read it or not, this post gives you additional information on how to banish the painful and unsightly herpes cold sores.  If you are learning about cold sores for the first time, it’s simply a painful infection that is caused by the herpes simplex virus. […]

cold sores in summer

Cold Sores in Summer: Sun and Prevention

Cold Sore and Summer Sun: What You Should Know Summertime is usually an exciting time for many. However, for some of us that are prone to cold sores in summer, it’s not necessarily the most interesting period. If you are familiar with cold sores symptoms, you’ll claim that herpes is more common in the winter. This is correct because the immune system is usually less active. Now, the question is, why is summer still not a great time for individuals prone to cold sore herpes? Read this […]

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Cold Sores on in the Nose

Is It Possible to Develop Cold Sores on the Nose?

Cold Sores on the Nose and Other Nose Disorders Cold sores are a common topic of conversation. As irritating as they are, they’re a regular occurrence. However, can cold sores form in other places on your body, such as your nose? Learn if cold sores and other disorders that irritate the nose can occur near or on the nose by reading the answer. Do cold sores on the nose occur? Yes. Cold sores can appear everywhere on your body, not only on your lips and mouth. The […]

Cold Sores and Stress

Cold Sores and Stress

How does stress lead to cold sores? If you have been noticing cold sores outbreak after a difficult semester or preparation for the upcoming event, it’s most likely that stress has a hand in the unpleasant development. This is many people’s reality, especially individuals who engage in strenuous activities or tasks daily. Whether you are experiencing cold sores for the first time or it’s recurring, stress is one of the facilitating conditions for herpes cold sores. However, does stress cause cold sores? How does it contribute to […]

Cold Sores infection in Children

Cold Sores in Children

Cold Sores Infection in Children: What You Should Know as Parents While growing up, children pass through different experiences and levels of growth. From their first day at school, their first visit to the zoo, to their first tricycle, many beautiful moments often come up. However, a part of the experience is the development of first cold sores in children . When this happens, it’s never a pleasant thing to see for both the parents and the beautiful young lad. So what do you do? In this […]

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