10 Proven Tips for Intermittent Fasting During Vacation

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10 Proven Tips to Maintain Intermittent Fasting During Vacation

Vacation is fast approaching, and you are fully ready with your plane ticket, bathing suit, sunglasses, not to mention your astonishing body after several weeks of intermittent fasting schedule. However, the concern now is how not to lose your progress with intermittent fasting by deviating from your schedule. Or perhaps, you are wondering whether you should even continue your intermittent fasting during vacation. 

A simple response is to keep it up! Most likely, you already know that intermittent fasting is an effective method to keep your weight minimum. During your trip, you can also rely on it. All you need is to lower your appetite and calorie intake as you have been doing in the previous months. However, considering that your schedule and eating pattern will change during vacation, you might want to consider the following ten tips to keep getting the desired intermittent fasting results.

1-Flexibility is key

As you probably know already, several intermittent fasting plans are available. During your vacation, it’s not mandatory to stick to your existing plan. This is because a plan that works during normal life routine may not be feasible while on vacation. For instance, you might be sleeping more on vacation. Hence, it might be necessary to change your food time to later in the day. In this way, intermittent fasting won’t stop you from having a convenient and exciting vacation. For those who would be traveling across various time zones, don’t bother to stick to a strict fasting schedule. Simply wait till you reach your destination, then adjust your plan according to the new time zone. 

2-Be active and explore

Now that you are in a new place, it’s advisable not to sit idly around your hotel. Instead, consider moving out and exploring the new environment. Engage yourself in exciting activities and meet new people. When you are active, there would be little to no thoughts about food. Besides, you get to engage your body in the form of exercise.

3-Plan in advance

Planning ahead of your vacation is one of the trusted ways to stick to an intermittent fasting schedule. For instance, you can plan your meals and snacks ahead if your trip involves getting on a plane or ship. This is particularly important because you will hardly find anything healthy to eat from the next port, airport convenience store, or gas station. 

Parts of your plan should include a suitable eating schedule while on the trip, as well as location and time of eating. If need be, feel free to change your intermittent fasting plan and adjust accordingly. The key thing is to prepare before even starting the trip. 

4-Avoid stressing about exactness

 For those on keto, low carb, or any form of diet, it’s fine to loosen up a little during your vacation. Otherwise, you might wreck the importance of vacation, which should be about fun and relaxation. For instance, do not stress over your calorie count. Instead, focus more on staying active and worry less about things. Enjoy the atmosphere, food, and people. With intermittent fasting alone, you are already automatically limiting your calories. 

5-Drink water a lot

Whether you are on intermittent fasting or not, drinking water is highly recommended to stay healthy. Now that you are on vacation, staying hydrated is non-negotiable. This is because you will be staying out more, have more engagements, and taking in more food. When you are hydrated, you will help your body digest better and keep you healthier. 

6-Engage in a suitable plan for yourself

Here is another important tip to keep in mind when you are away with your family. An instance is when you need to take breakfast with your family by 8 am. In contrast, your normal eating window is by 11 am. Do not sweat over it. Simply do what works for you. Stay with your family and enjoy the meal together. If you need to eat snacks, go ahead. Intermittent fasting is about flexibility. All you need is to modify your fasting schedule according to your needs. 

Although intermittent fasting helps curb your excesses during vacation, it is alright to take a break if it’s stressing you. There is no point in going on vacation if you would be missing out on a delicious meal. 

7-Protein matters a lot

If you plan to track every single calorie on vacation, this may not be feasible. Instead, you can focus more on eating protein to maintain stable blood sugar and save yourself from snacking mindlessly. It is found that prioritizing protein helps stay satisfied between one eating period and another.

8-Watch alcohol consumption

Taking one or two cups of martini during vacation shouldn’t be a worry for you. Kick back and enjoy your vacation. The most crucial thing is to be mindful of consuming a ton of extra calories. Regardless of alcohol type, it usually has high calories, despite having no nutritional values. Also, consuming alcohol breaks the fast. Hence, you are strongly advised to stick to drinking only during your eating timeframe

9-Don’t chase perfection – focus on progress

Remember that intermittent fasting is about convenience and flexibility. Hence, practitioners shouldn’t focus on being perfect or exact. A key part is to choose the most suitable plan for yourself and stay on track. Enjoy with your people and start afresh again or after your trip. It’s about the progress that you are making, not perfection.

10-Re-acclimate post-vacation gradually

Regardless of how exciting and fun-filled a vacation is, it always takes a toll on the body. Hence, you shouldn’t expect your body to get back to your normal eating routine after your trip. Instead, you need to give it time to re-acclimate to your normal life, which must be done slowly. 

Otherwise, it will be brutal to force your body to readjust from several days of relaxed eating and food indulgence to a strict food regimen. Gradually reduce your calories each day and watch your body goes back to the usual shape and activity.

Intermittent Fasting during Vacation: a Conclusion

It is possible to stick to intermittent fasting during a vacation. However, it shouldn’t be your sole focus. An important action is to prepare ahead and make necessary plans to ensure that you enjoy your vacation without consuming excess calories. Endeavor to enjoy your time with friends and families while keeping the dos and don’ts discussed herein in mind. Enjoy your trip!

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