Breakfast Food for Fasting – Top 7 Options to Consider while Intermittent Fasting

breakfast food for fasting

Breakfast Food for Fasting

Many people use the Intermittent Fasting Plan to good effects. However, not everyone understands or focuses on the health benefit of an intermittent fasting schedule. Some believe that intermittent fasting is simply about skipping meals to reduce the amount of calorie intake. But intermittent fasting plan doesn’t have to include boycotting breakfast food for fasting. Besides, some health specialists do not recommend skipping the first meal of the day. So, if you are wondering about some beneficial breakfast options to take during your intermittent fasting period, below are seven options to consider.

High-protein smoothie

Smoothie can be more nutritious than you think. For instance, a combination of avocado, spinach, protein powder, and almond milk contains a good amount of protein and fat. While the protein keeps satiating you, the fat will make you full. At the same time, you’ll get a sufficient amount of energy from the spinach to spend the day.

Healthy Veggie-rich Omelet

If you need more energy than most people, consider an omelet with a considerable amount of vegetables. This combo will fill your stomach and provide sufficient power. Feel free to add anything that you want. Then, cover with a dollop of sour cream and salsa. It’s a healthy and energizing meal to kickstart your day.

Black Coffee

Understandably, this is more of a drink than a meal. However, a cup of black coffee in the morning is recommendable. You can even add a splash of cream. However, endeavor to avoid sugar as it causes cravings.

Protein Bar

Here is another breakfast option that will come in handy for your intermittent fasting schedule. Try to get an organic bar with less amount of processed sugar. These bars are useful as desserts. Ensure that you read the composition to check for protein (high), sugar (low), and added vitamins (high).

Tofu Spinach Casserole

For those who dislike eggs, a tofu spinach casserole is a great option. Alternatively, you can settle for tofu spinach scramble. Get a pan and add some tofu and scramble. Afterward, you should include turmeric, seasonings, and spinach, or any veggies that you want. Enjoy your meal. For several hours, you’ll remain full.

A fifty-calorie meal

Only a few people are aware that it’s possible to consume 50 calories of a meal when you become starving without breaking your fast. If you are concerned about taking breakfast, simply take snacks. However, ensure that you are truly ravenous.

Give your body what it desires.

Undertaking intermittent fasting doesn’t mean you can’t satisfy your body in the morning. By breakfast, you’ll likely be hungry since you didn’t eat the previous night. So, try to give your body whatever it craves for. Well, this doesn’t include doughnuts. However, get something nutritious for your body, especially something that can replace a protein bar.

Conclusion – Breakfast Food for Fasting won’t be a problem anymore.

Intermittent fasting benefits are numerous; so are the breakfast options that you can consider. The most important thing is to check the nutrition of what you’ll be having in the morning. Advisably, you should set up your fasting days in a way that you can eat early in the day. For those who work during the night and sleep during the day, try to get your calories and nutrition early to get sufficient energy to run the day. By prioritizing the eating window, you’ll find intermittent fasting to be easy.

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