Deal with Cravings while Fasting

Deal with Cravings while fasting

4 Proven Ways to Deal with Cravings while Intermittent Fasting

An intermittent fasting schedule is a beneficial health program that includes eating timeframe and the fasting state. During the fasting period, participants are not allowed to consume anything or eat foods containing calories. This includes beverages having calories. Unlike the eating timeframe, the challenging period is usually the fasting period. This is even more crucial when you need to fast for 16 to 24 hours. If you are having a tough time coping with the fasting hours, below are effective recommendations to deal with cravings and make this period easier. 

1-Take coffee, tea, and water

Staying hydrated during a fasting state is important. This is particularly crucial for newbies to intermittent fasting plan. By drinking water during a fasting state, it will keep you hydrated and full. Alternatively, feel free to have coffee or tea; however, do not include anything that can add calories. For some individuals, they prefer to drink diet soda. Another common idea is to add sugar substitute containing no calories into the coffee – endeavor to retrace your step with this idea if you find out that intermittent fasting isn’t as effective for you as expected.

2-Use sleeping hours for fasting

It’s highly recommended to spend most of your fasting period during the sleeping state. Whether you engage in intermittent fasting or not, sleeping is naturally a fasting state. This includes the resting period just before and after your slumber time. Hence, planning your fasting period across your sleeping period is a great idea. Also, consider the time that you feel hunger pangs the most – this is the ideal time to fix your eating period. For an individual who starves on waking up, he or she will have a more challenging time fasting in the morning. For this reason, endeavor to modify your plan to when the fast really begins late in the afternoon – and not in the evening. 

3-Be engaged across the fasting period

Starting intermittent fasting could be challenging at the beginning. However, you’ll get used to it over time. For those who schedule their fasting time before or after bedtime, they may find it difficult to keep away from snacks. An important reminder is that hunger won’t last forever. Before long, you’ll be able to eat your preferred food. Once you start feeling the hunger, help yourself by engaging in your hobbies, work, or take a walk. This will help take your mind off the food or counting down the number of hours to eating time. In short, stay busy.

4-Exercise during the fasting state

While many individuals can combine exercise with intermittent fasting, not everyone can do it. However, if you can, try practicing your routine during the fasting state. It comes with several benefits, especially burning more fats in a short time. Exercising while fasting also helps lower hunger pangs because the fitness routine will help keep your mind away from it. 

Deal with Cravings: a Conclusion

Getting intermittent fasting results is more achievable by managing your fasting state nicely. With the tips shared herein, you’ll find it quite straightforward to live through the fasting period while paying little to no attention to hunger. In this way, you’ll be able to get used to the fasting period quickly with an excellent outcome. 

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