Fasting and Coffee

Fasting and Coffee

Intermittent Fasting and Coffee Drink: What You Should Know

For many who are new to intermittent fasting and coffee, “can I drink coffee while fasting?” is among the most asked questions. While a simple answer is yes, you can drink coffee, some exceptions and recommendations are firmly attached. To learn about everything connected to drinking coffee, you should read this article.

What drinks are permissible while fasting?

First off, as a practitioner of intermittent fasting, you may take any drink having no or meager calories. In other words, you should not consume any food or drink containing calories during your fasting state. Hence, the permissible drinks are water, coffee black, and tea. However, these drinks come in different variations, depending on your choice and comfort – continue reading to find out.

Drinking coffee during your fast

For some reason, many practitioners depend on drinking coffee. Admittedly, it is challenging not to have food or drink if you are fasting for several hours since morning. Otherwise, you will lack the energy to get through your scheduled work or perform an exercise. At least, you’ll need caffeine in your body for your daily morning routine. Hence, taking coffee while fasting is permissible – but only black is preferred. Also, intermittent fasting practitioners can drink tea for those who want something with flavor having zero or low amount of caffeine. 

Taking coffee or tea with cream or sugar

Coffee doesn’t stop you from relishing the benefits of intermittent fasting. The reason is that there is nothing inside an ordinary coffee other than coffee beans and water. Hence, it is completely okay to drink while fasting. The idea is to consume a drink containing zero or low amounts of calories while fasting.

For this reason, you should refrain from adding sugar, creamer, or honey to your coffee. Don’t be surprised to encounter some individuals who add a splash of creamer to their coffee as they consider it of little significance. So, if you believe you won’t fall for the trap by taking a few tablespoons or splash, feel free to add it. After all, it is far better than breaking the fast with a full meal.

Intermittent fasting and bulletproof coffee

Taking a keto coffee or Bulletproof coffee is a no for an intermittent fasting practitioner. Otherwise, you’ll be jeopardizing your fast. When you fast for a prolonged period only to consume fat and calories through bulletproof coffee while still fasting is called bulletproof fasting. This is not intermittent fasting anymore, even if you choose to use butter and coconut oil. Hence, if you truly want to see intermittent fasting results, bulletproof coffee should be off your list.


And there you have the “exceptions,” “recommendations,” and the complete no-go area attached to drinking coffee while fasting. Bear in mind that fasting doesn’t mean you can’t drink, as long as your drink doesn’t contain sources of calories. Stay healthy!

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