Fasting Vital Tips for a Successful Intermittent Schedule

You should be aware of these vital Fasting Tips

When it comes to losing weight, intermittent fasting is one of the most effective approaches if employed correctly. It doesn’t only reduce the weight considerably but also help get the job done in lesser time. If you plan to engage in intermittent fasting weight loss program, then you need to learn the following five key points or Fasting Vital Tips:

Take it slowly

First off, every intermittent fasting plan practitioners must understand that the endeavour is a gradual process. This is because only a few people are accustomed to intermittent fasting schedule. Such a low number is unsurprising, considering that most of us love eating across the day, regardless of having appetite or not. In other words, we view food as a therapy, rather than a fuel.

Don’t be surprised, but several people actually eat when they are bored. Intermittent fasting takes away such an opportunity as you only get to eat during a specific period. A 16-hour period of no food can be challenging for beginners. Thus, you are best advised to take it slowly. In the beginning, you can start with a 10-hour eating timeframe. With time, your body will adapt to the situation. From there, you can start reducing the window till you reach the recommended duration, which is eight hours.

Use a suitable option for you

It is not necessary to follow the crowd. Several forms of intermittent fasting exist, and you should choose the most suitable choice for yourself. With the 16-8 form, you fast for 16 hours. Another common form is the Warrior style that requires you to go without food for 20 hours. Regardless of your preferred intermittent fasting schedule, the principle remains the same: Fast for a longer period than your eating timeframe.

Ensure that your preferred method suits your body and lifestyle. For those who often sleep late at night, consider starting your eating window later in the day. By starting too early, you may begin to feel famished with massive cravings before nightfall. Thus, be mindful of your daily habits and choose your intermittent fasting plan accordingly.

Drink water frequently

While practising intermittent fasting, you should hydrate more often than not. This helps speed up your fat loss process. Remember that energy drinks, tea and coffees are not recommendable. Drink water only during the period of your intermittent fasting weight loss. Your body requires only water; other beverages are optional.

Keep a caloric deficit

Most weight loss programs require keeping a caloric deficit – intermittent fasting is not an exception. This implies that you need to calculate the calories that you need per day. It’s easy. Click here to use an online calorie calculator. With intermittent fasting, you have more freedom, including consuming more carbs. This is because any rise in insulin will happen during eating widow only. Also, it helps stabilize your blood sugar levels. Nevertheless, don’t forget to consume fewer calories than you use for quick weight loss result.

Cheat days come after windows

While some people have cheat days, others have cheat meals. Regardless of your option, keep in mind that you must adhere to the fasting and eating windows, including your cheat days. By so doing, your blood sugar level will not spike significantly. Thus, feel free to have fun and enjoy your beloved food; but don’t consume them during the eating window.


Adherence to these five tips will help realize your intermittent weight benefits sooner than later. Besides, it will save you from any pitfalls that often cause people to abandon their intermittent fasting plan. Remember that intermittent fasting is like a four-wheeler that will help surmount your hilly weight loss program easily.

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