Intermittent Fasting and Sex Life

intermittent fasting and sex life

Intermittent fasting: How you can improve your sex life

Ideally, weight loss, healthier eating habits, and improved overall health are usually the common benefits of intermittent fasting that people focus on. However, there are several other little-known specific effects that an intermittent fasting schedule can have on your health. 

Notable among them is improving sex life with an intermittent fasting plan. Whether you are a newbie to the proven weight-losing plan or know little about intermittent fasting and sex life as a long-term practitioner, here is an enlightening article in this regard. Enjoy reading!

Introducing intermittent fasting and sex life

For those who are new to intermittent fasting, it is a popular diet plan that involves staying away from foods for a specific number of hours and eating with a short timeframe. Several intermittent fasting schedules are available to consider, depending on your preference and lifestyle. Among the most popular schedule is the 18:6 plan, in which you fast for 18 hours and gets free to eat within 6 hours eating window.

When it comes to sex life, several benefits are less-known in this regard. As you read on, you’ll find the various ways in which intermittent fasting can boost your sex performance and strength. However, before then, it’s important to understand the science behind the benefits in simple terms.

Testosterone and Growth Hormone (GH) Levels

When practicing intermittent fasting for long intervals, it stimulates the GH production within the system. In other words, you recover faster, develop more strengths, and experience improved metabolism. Another great thing is that an increased GH improves the amount of testosterone in the body. However, this is not only associated with males. Females experience the benefits too. When you have a decent level of testosterone, it increases your bone strength, stamina and makes you leaner.

Benefits of intermittent fasting on sex life

  • Effects on libido

Intermittent fasting increases the urge of testosterone. This enhances the libido in men, and consequently, improves stamina in bed.

When the penis fails to stand firm or for a considerable period for healthy sexual intercourse, it is known as erectile dysfunction. Some causes of erectile dysfunction include high blood pressure, high cholesterol levels, and diabetes. From demographic studies, the condition is widely expected in a large population. In other words, many individuals are susceptible to it.

However, research has shown that intermittent fasting can assist in managing the health condition, aside from the medical treatment. Long intervals in intermittent fasting boost testosterone production, making the hormones rush down to the penile region. This leads to a firm and prolonged erection.

  • Mood improvement

Corby Martin conducted a study that suggests people with prolonged fasting intervals experience reduced intake of unhealthy food. This helps boost their moods. Furthermore, they get to lose weight and develop a good shape that boosts self-confidence. It is also noted that intermittent fasting practitioners are more comfortable in daily activities and feel confident looking at the mirror. With this improved confidence and happiness, they tend to perform better in bed.

  • Increase in sexual desire

During the period of fasting, the blood cells receive lesser nutrients. At this period, the blood rushes towards the genital period and increases the sexual desire in both men and women.

  • Impotence risk

Several studies have shown that the risk of impotence in males gets reduced by skipping regular meals and fasting intermittently.


Our life choices play a crucial role in our sexual performance and activity. Among the proven ways to have a better sex life is to make a healthy lifestyle. In this regard, intermittent fasting comes in handy as it helps to boost your confidence, improve sexual performance and lose weight. Endeavor to be meticulous about what you eat and time of consumption – all these influence your performance in bed.

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