Intermittent Fasting Benefits – 5 Ways to Boost Weight Loss

How you get the Benefits of Intermittent Fasting:

Several decades ago, intermittent fasting benefits were relatively unknown. However, its popularity has soared significantly in recent years, especially among people using the technique for weight loss and improved overall health. Many practitioners have confirmed the effectiveness of intermittent fasting weight loss program, among other health benefits. 

For those who are still new to the concept or would like a form of motivation to continue using the intermittent fasting plan, below are five reasons why the fasting will speed up your weight loss. Enjoy reading!

1-Reduces inflammation

Among the most significant contributing factors to heart condition is inflammation. It is also responsible for many other health challenges. Sugar is the major facilitating element behind inflammation, which is present in multiple foods that we consume. Unlike before, more individuals suffer from diabetes or already in a pre-diabetic stage. 

With intermittent fasting, everyone has a good chance of lowering inflammation considerably. Considering that you only have a short time window to eat, the body won’t get a regular intake of detrimental foods. Consequently, the inflammation will reduce. Lowered inflammation is crucial because it supports shedding away of fats. Also, when the body is inflamed, communication between cells will be hampered. But don’t worry, intermittent fasting plan will cut down inflammation and increase your fat loss process.

2-Facilitates ketosis and loss of fats

The process through which the body tap into the stored fats to produce fuel is known as ketosis. Ordinarily, when people try to lose weights, there is an underlying process that doesn’t help your effort: The body is burning glucose for fuel. This glucose is found in the carbs consumed. 

For those who eat every time, their body will constantly have glucose to burn for fuel. The same principle applies to those who engage in exercise and watch their food intake; the body will still use the glucose first. However, the 16-hour fasting window during intermittent fasting ensures that glucose and stored glycogen in your body are utilized within a few hours. Thus, the body has no choice but to burn the stored fats for fuel. So, your body is directly helping your weight loss effort by burning excess fats.

3-Stabilization of blood sugar levels

Insulin is produced after every food intake. The release of insulin promotes fats storage and curbs the body from burning fats. By performing intermittent fasting, the blood sugar level will be stabilized since you won’t be eating every time and insulin will not be constantly produced. Also, the body will be able to shed off fats easily.

4-Lowers appetite

With time, the human body will naturally adapt to the 16-hour fasting time daily as you continue your intermittent fasting plan. As a result, you’ll feel less hunger pangs. Also, it will be less challenging to maintain a caloric deficit, and you’ll reduce your weight

5-Improved energy level

Interestingly, energy levels can increase by fasting. This will improve your performance during a gym session, burn down more calories and ultimately, speed up your loss of weight.

Final Note on Intermittent Fasting Benefits

Clearly, fasting weight loss program is highly recommendable for those who want to keep their weight in check. With intermittent fasting, you’ll be encouraging your body to support your weight loss effort while limiting the factors that can contribute to excess fats. Overall, the program will contribute to an improved lifestyle.

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