Reverse Guide to take Full Advantage of the Intermittent Fasting Benefits

Intermittent fasting Benefits

Please Don’t Make the following 7 Mistakes

With the numerous intermittent fasting benefits, it is unsurprising to see many individuals getting involved in the health plan. However, without knowing what intermittent fasting is truly about, many individuals are getting it wrong. Understandably, you can change your diet to suit yourself. Yet, it has a limit. Otherwise, you may jeopardize your health. To avoid failing your own body while undertaking intermittent fasting, below are some mistakes to watch out for:

Excessive intake of junk food

Chief among the common mistakes of intermittent fasting is to eat less or no nutritional food. During your eating window, you should consume a highly nutritious meal. Undoubtedly, you are free to consume 1200 calories of Twinkies or whatsoever, without adding to your weight. However, this will not improve your health. So, consider meals that are rich in minerals and vitamins. To do this, you should be eating proper meals – not junk foods.

Insufficient water consumption

During the fasting and eating window, you should drink enough volume of water. Most people usually forget to drink during intermittent fasting. Likewise, individuals focus on the meal during the eating window. To avoid these mistakes, try to measure out a sufficient volume of water every morning. This will help check whether you are drinking enough or not without calling your attention to it.

Last minute change of fasting times

Life conditions may spur you into changing your intermittent fasting schedule. For instance, due to an upcoming party, you might decide to change your eating window so as not to miss it. While you can decide to change your plan, it becomes more challenging to adhere to your diet schedule by changing at the last minute. Thus, it is recommendable to plan in advance and choose a suitable eating window for yourself. Ensure that you take a few weeks before changing your plan – not the last minute.

Abandoning your plan

Here is another common mistake; people give up quickly, especially when intermittent fasting benefit is about losing weight. Many individuals do not know that 90-day intermittent fasting offers much more than weight loss. Notable among intermittent fasting results include improved appearance and better blood work. Don’t give up.

Binge eating

This is never a welcome idea because the calories will always count, regardless of how you put it. If you are eating 10,000 calories during the eating window and expect to lose weight, you are getting it wrong. Eating what you want must be done within specific health parameters.

Insufficient intake of calories

Contrary to the mistake stated earlier, some people consume a meager amount of calories. This usually stems from insufficient food intake. Sometimes, you might have to eat large food with 1000 calories – that’s not a problem. Simply ensure that you eat the minimum amount of calories daily to stay healthy.

Poor choices

Lastly, some people make weird choices when it comes to intermittent fasting. For instance, don’t try to reduce your eating window or add extra days because intermittent fasting is working for you. Contrarily, stick to your studied plans and watch your health.


When it comes to diet, the best decision is to take meals that will improve your mental and physical health. As for some individuals, intermittent fasting is not an option due to disordered eating, which they often experience. So, try to be conscious of your body and give the highest priority to your health while taking advantage of all the intermittent fasting benefits.

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