Intermittent Fasting lunch Ideas – 8 worth Knowing for Every Worker

Intermittent Fasting Lunch Ideas

At work, a lunch meal is usually accompanied by either of these concerns: Cooking, heating and storing. In other words, we often have to think about how to cook, heat, or store the meal. Understandably, most people are usually at work during lunch, and many of whom undertake intermittent fasting. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t consume a proper and healthy meal. All you need are microwave, fridge, and suitable containers to keep your meal at your workplace. With these easy intermittent fasting lunch ideas to be executed with basic materials, you can enjoy any of the following meals during lunch:

1-Lettuce Wraps

Here is an option that you can have in different folds depending on the protein filling. You can combine onion, chopped chicken, and vegetables. Ensure that the combo is uniform. Get a hot pan and cook the mixture within a few minutes. Endeavor to keep the lettuce leaves aside while storing it in your container. Advisably, cabbage is an excellent idea for lettuce wraps.

2-Broccoli Salad

A combination of bell peppers, mayo, vinegar, cheese, scallions, and uncooked broccoli is an excellent idea during lunch. Get the medley into a large bowl, prepare and enjoy. Alternatively, you can use unflavored yogurt in place of mayo. Also, cheese is not a must.

3-Cauliflower Taco Rice Bowl

Visit the grocery store nearby and get riced cauliflower in any frozen section. Now, prepare a mixture of taco meat and place over the cauliflower rice. Enjoy your delicacy.

4-Chicken and Veggies

Before leaving the house in the morning, you can get chicken and veggies into a small bowl with cover. During lunch, combine them with lettuce wraps and eat with a fork. Another option is to combine chicken, veggies, and cabbage wraps.

5-Chicken Fajitas

Take your fajita seasoning, lemon juice, and olive oil. Afterward, make a marinade from the three ingredients. Now, you need to chop the veggies, chickens, and other ingredients into strips. Season the chopped ingredients with fajita flavorings and place inside oven for baking. Once you are done, store inside the fridge and warm it whenever you are ready to consume. If possible, you can add un-fried corn tortillas. Rather than using a flour shell, you should use a fork.

6-Deconstructed Egg Roll

Get everything that you’ll ordinarily put inside your egg roll. However, considering that you are at work, frying might be impossible. But that’s not a problem. Simply cook the combination and eat from a bowl – quite nutritious.

7-Chicken Salad

In this case, you can use a low-carb chicken salad recipe. However, feel free to change any of the ingredients that don’t sit well with you. For instance, you can use unflavored yogurt instead of mayonnaise to avoid high-calorie consumption.

8-Zucchini Enchiladas

Regardless of how you regularly make enchiladas, you are doing it differently this time. Try to make it like a casserole by using sliced zucchini for the flour shells. Get the pan, layer the ingredients inside, and start cooking. Using a casserole pan with a lid, you can take the meal to work while still inside the pan.


All these lunch ideas for intermittent fasting stated herein are healthy and recommendable for lunch and dinner. Admittedly, most individuals undertaking intermittent fasting are not usually concerned about the differences between the three daily meals. All they care about is eating what’s right and what fits into their preferred plans during their free time to eat. Well, the options above will definitely come handy. 

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