4 Successful Intermittent Fasting Protocols

intermittent fasting protocols

4 Intermittent Fasting Protocols That Deliver Results

While intermittent fasting is truly effective in losing weight and improving overall health, everything starts from choosing a sustainable intermittent fasting protocol for oneself. This is why most experienced fasting practitioners often introduce various protocols to the newbies to determine the best option by themselves. Interestingly, the protocols are pretty straightforward. As long as you understand each protocol, you can easily decide based on your preferences and schedules. Read further to learn about the most popular intermittent fasting protocols & options, to begin with:

1-The 16/8 Protocol

Here is a recommendable fasting protocol for beginners because it is one of the least challenging options. The 16/8 protocol is simple, and practitioners do not have to experience a prolonged period of fasting. When followed correctly, you could be spending 50% of your fasting period while sleeping. Hence, it makes the protocol easier.

Essentially, this protocol demands fasting for 16 hours while having an 8-hour timeframe to eat. The 16/8 protocol practitioners are usually advised to schedule the eating period to the time of the day that you often feel the hunger the most. Or better still, you can choose a time when you find as the most convenient for yourself. For instance, you can eat during the early hours of the day and spend the rest of the day and night while fasting. 

2- The Eat-Stop-Eat Protocol

Otherwise known as the24-hour intermittent fasting, this protocol entails fasting for a complete 24 hours. Depending on your choice, you can engage in the eat-stop-eat protocol once or twice weekly. Thus, for those who are new to intermittent fasting schedule, you can start with once per week. Simply follow the normal diet in the following six days of the week. Afterward, fast for another 24 hours without drinking or eating anything having calories. 

In contrast to other forms of intermittent fasting plan, the eat-stop-eat protocol allows practitioners to take water, tea, or coffee. It is recommendable to take the drink without any addition. If you want, you can drink when you wake up, during the day or later in the day – or go a full day without anything.

3- The Alternate-Day protocol

As for this intermittent fasting plan, you get to fast one day and rest the other day. In other words, you’ll be fasting every other day. The alternate-day protocol exists in different variations. Hence, you may try various forms to find the most suitable idea for yourself. For instance, you can engage in 16/8 protocol one day and rest the following day. Alternatively, it is permissible to go full 24-hour every other day. For some people, they take nothing except water and coffee while fasting every other day. You can also consider taking 500 calories during your fasting days if you are still trying to get familiar with the protocol. 

4- The 5:2 Diet Protocol

This intermittent fasting protocol means that practitioners will take their regular diet for five days within a week. This would be followed by two days of fasting. However, you can separate the two days with one day of eating. But, you don’t get to consume more than 600 calories on both the eating and fasting days. This sets the 5:2 diet protocol apart from the others.

Intermittent Fasting Protocols: a Conclusion

While any of the protocols discussed herein will surely generate intermittent fasting results, you are the only person that can determine the best option for yourself. Advisably, you should consider your lifestyle, work schedule, and other activities when making your choice. Stay committed to get results.

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