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Benefits of Intermittent Fasting at College

benefits of intermittent fasting at college

Intermittent Fasting Benefit for College Students For those simply imagining it, combining intermittent fasting at college with workloads may seem like an impossible feat. However, this is not entirely the case. In fact, it is highly beneficial to college students in many ways.  Why should you consider intermittent fasting over dieting, though? It’s pretty simple. As a college student, you’ll surely be missing out on several meals. Unless you consume a huge amount of food to cover the missed meals, practicing intermittent fasting is among the rewarding […]

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Intermittent Fasting FAQ

intermittent fasting faq

Intermittent Fasting FAQs It is understandable to have many questions and concerns as a newbie to intermittent fasting FAQ Several respected practitioners of intermittent fasting schedule today had similar curiosities at the beginning. However, you don’t need to worry. Herein, you’ll find some of the most commonly asked questions concerning the life-changing health protocol and honest answers to them. Undoubtedly, they will help you make an informed decision about your intermittent fasting plans. Read them below: Is it advisable for a child to engage in intermittent fasting? […]

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