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Stop Binge Eating while Fasting

Stop Binge Eating while Intermittent Fasting

Stop Binge Eating: 8 Tips to Achieve Success Binge-eating is more common now than ever. Among the perceived factors responsible include stress, the hustle & bustle of the modern world, unrealistic expectation on body figure, and the availability of several hyper-palatable dishes. If you have ever over-eaten to the point of being uncomfortable, you are now alone. More importantly, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are suffering from binging disorders. It’s completely still okay if you stuff yourself with foods during the holiday or special occasions. In fact, […]

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Intermittent Fasting and Starvation. The Differences

Intermittent Fasting without Starvation

Intermittent Fasting without Starvation It’s not uncommon to hear people talking about intermittent fasting and starvation. This is understandable considering the period spent without food or drink having no calories while engaging in an intermittent fasting schedule. Nevertheless, starvation and intermittent fasting are two different things for many reasons. Here is an enlightening read to understand the differences. Enjoy reading! Introducing intermittent fasting As an intermittent fasting practitioner, you are required to eat for a specific period or number of times daily or weekly. This is completely […]

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