Tips for Eating Better During Non-Fasting Days

Tips for Non-Fasting Days

Here some Tips for Non-Fasting Days

Most people choose their meals for non-fasting days based on the guidelines of the intermittent fasting diet they’ve selected to follow. While meal recommendations may differ, staying in line with the following of these tips for non-fasting days is generally sufficient for most people:

  • Check Out the BMR Chart – It’s important to be aware of the number of calories your body needs to conserve its weight. You can use the BMR chart to determine your daily caloric limit. You can use this information in 2 ways – either consume food based on your desired weight or consume food based on your current weight. Both methods will help you lose weight in the long run.

Link BMR chart –

  • Drink Plenty of Water – Many people make the mistake of not drinking enough water during non-fasting days as they stuff themselves with food during these days. However, you should ensure that you’ve taken enough water based on your activity and weight levels to stay hydrated.
  • Be Active – Do not let yourself go during non-fasting days. Not only does exercise help you lose weight, but it also lets you eat more and tightens the body’s muscles. The best intermittent fasting plans encourage people to go to the gym, don’t put it off on non-fasting days.
  • Consume Healthy Food – People binge on unhealthy food during non-fasting days, which can unfortunately wipe out any progress they made during the fasting days. While it’s fine to eat some junk food here and there, always ensure you’ve consumed enough nutritious food to strengthen your body.
  • Consume Everything in Moderation – Once you’ve eaten enough nutritious food, you can eat as much of your favorite dishes, provided it stays within your daily calorie limit.
  • Experiment with Your Diet – All of us are different. While we’re all human, every individual’s body has its own rhythm and way of handling fasting weight loss and exercise. Some intermittent fasting meal plans might need more carbs while others might need to cut them out. It eventually boils down to your body’s chemistry. Take some time testing out different methods you can find to determine one that provides the most optimal results in your condition.
  • Remain Mindful – Mindfulness has a huge role to play in fasting weight loss. Don’t simply stuff your food down your throat – we’re not savages, right? Next time, pay attention to the textures, flavors, and other aspects of the dish you’re eating.
  • You Can Always Have It Later – Don’t eat everything you can find during your non-fasting days. Always remember that you can put it off to your next non-fasting day, thus helping you restrain yourself from eating too much.

Although every person has their own diet plan and rhythm, moderation is key, no matter how you look at it. Many dieters go overboard during non-fasting days, thus ruining all the progress they had made during fasting days. It’s okay to enjoy a slice of some delicious pecan pie, but do not wind up eating the entire pie in a single day – that approach will not help you lose weight and can have serious consequences.


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