Ultimate Fasting Guide: Intermittently

ultimate fasting guide

Ultimate Intermittent Fasting Guide

From popular TV shows, social media platforms to fitness blogs, intermittent fasting has become a trendy topic in the health niche in recent years. This is understandable as several individuals find the proven method effective for weight loss, among wellness benefits. More exciting, intermittent fasting schedule comes in various patterns that work. In other words, each individual can choose the most comfortable and effective option for themselves. If you are considering reaping the benefits of intermittent fasting in the next few weeks, below are what you should know about fasting and a possible ultimate fasting guide pattern to follow.

Intermittent fasting: A pattern of eating

Contrary to what some believe about intermittent fasting, it’s a pattern of eating for optimal health performance and not a diet. The plan shows practitioners ways to listen to hunger signals of the body and stick to healthy eating habits. Intermittent fasting teaches following a specific pattern of eating and fasting daily; you eat within a specific period and fast for a longer period. Meanwhile, you may have coffee, water, or tea during the fasting period. In this way, the body will be prompted to use the food quickly and spend more time burning off the fats.

Proven Intermittent Fasting Plans

Now that you understand the programmed fasting better, the next thing is to get familiar with the tested and trusted intermittent fasting protocols. In this way, you can choose the most suitable option for yourself, depending on your life schedule and lifestyle. Below are recommendable plans to consider:


Here is one of the most engaged protocols that allow practitioners to eat for eight hours. Afterward, you need to fast for sixteen hours. The frequency depends on you; many do practice 16:8 daily every week.


With this protocol, practitioners follow their normal eating routine for five days out of seven days a week. From there, you need to fast in two alternating days while you spend 24 hours fasting. During the fasting days, you may consume as low as 500-600 calories.

Warrior diet

As the name suggests, the warrior diet is relatively more challenging than most. However, it only makes an effort more rewarding. In this case, practitioners are required to spend 24 hours between eating. In this case, a large meal at the end of the fasting day is recommended.


Here is a similar protocol to the 5:2 plan. However, this plan allows a practitioner to go on fasting for 24 hours only once per week while taking no calories, except water, coffee, or tea.

Ultimate Fasting Guide: a Conclusion

Before you commence intermittent fasting, an important tip is to choose the most comfortable protocol that will fit your daily schedule and lifestyle. In addition, endeavor to consider your eating period, food to consume, and the quantity. All these factors are important in having a successful intermittent fasting experience.

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