Warrior Intermittent Fasting Diet

Warrior Intermittent Fasting Diet: What You Should Know About the Popular Plan

For those who want to take their intermittent fasting project a step higher, the Warrior plan is one of the recommendable protocols to consider. The popular intermittent fasting plan is characterized by a longer fasting period and one large meal during the eating timeframe. If you would like to try this method, here is everything you need to know beforehand.

How the Warrior protocol works?

Arguably, the Warrior protocol is the most challenging intermittent fasting plan. Practitioners fast for close to 24 hours with a single period for food intake in a day. However, the food has to be large enough to sustain the practitioner for the next 24 hours. While you are free to consume most food types, you are refrained from taking 3,000 calories of doughnuts and soda. The famous plan centers on the age-long belief that the early humans spend a larger part of their day hunting and eating once – Paleos will relate better.

Consumable Diet for Warrior Plan

Warrior plan stands out among other protocols, because practitioners need to watch what they will consume during the eating timeframe. While other plans allow you to consume your regular diet without significant changes, the Warrior diet requires something similar to the classic cavemen food, albeit not as strict as those consumed by the ancestors. Below are simple guidelines on what to eat during intermittent fasting:

Get grass-fed or cage-free eggs or meats

As a Warrior intermittent fasting practitioner, you are advised to go for fresh and organic meats and eggs, preferably from a local farm. Alternatively, you can request meat from grass-fed animals without homes. Better still, you should add cage-free eggs and grass-fed butter to your meal.

Abstain from processed foods

Another key point is to limit your intake of processed foods, including frozen and packaged meals. In short, microwavable foods are most likely to be processed foods. On the contrary, you should consume more homemade snacks and foods having fresh ingredients.

Limit alcohol intake

If you want to have an effective Warrior intermittent fasting plan, quit or reduce drinking of alcohol. By so doing, the liver will have less work to do, especially regarding flushing out toxins from the body.

Consume carbs at night

Taking your carbs during the evening helps balance out the insulin levels. Since carbs tend to cause exhaustion, you are best advised to eat at night and use the energy for the subsequent day.


As with other plans, the Warrior intermittent fasting diet is beneficial for weight loss and overall body wellness. While the popular protocol may not be the best idea for new fasting practitioners, it is a fast method to see intermittent fasting results within a short period.

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