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How to Work Remotely from Home Medium, Making Insane Income yet Staying Sane!

From: Thomas Robbins

While working from home medium seems to be liberating and enjoyable, this is not the case for many.

As a remote worker, getting from your bed to your workspace doesn’t take more than a few steps.

At the same time, you get to work within a space designed as you please and get surrounded by things that inspire you.

The biggest highlight about remote working for many of us is that we decide when and how we work.

As an office worker, most spend a considerable period doing nothing, to be honest.

From fetching water and talking around the dispenser, holding not-so-necessary meetings to having a quick personal chat with colleagues, we know when the manager will come around and expect to see us working – an age-long culture.

Contrarily, you can just stay at home and get the job done within a few hours. In this way, you have several hours to yourself working on personal projects or having quality time with the family.

The fact that you are here reflects one thing – you have not had the best experience as a remote worker.

Instead of liberation, you feel trapped. Instead of a free mind, you are overwhelmed.

From losing the push to get things done to zero accountability, you don’t have those elements needed to pass the line.

Rather than walking to the next office door and get an answer to your curious mind, you are still waiting for a response to your email after several days.

With a miserable feeling and unbothered attitude, the motivation to sit down and work on those files effectively is missing. And the outcome? You are FAILING to meet deadlines!

In your wildest dream, you couldn’t have imagined that working remotely is stressful, demanding, and working longer hours – not even a free moment to get your usual nice cut.

Have you ever had a nightmare? If not, try working from home for the first time!

This typifies what you have been telling people about your experience as a new remote worker, right?

You stood up from bed by 8:00 am and started feeling begrimed from the previous day’s work.

Rather than take a wash, you fetched yourself a cup of coffee, check some emails, and perhaps, started watching a YouTube video – all these are already taking more than one hour, yet nothing has been done concerning your day’s tasks.

“Oh, my to-do?” Suddenly, the plethora of things to get done for the day came to your mind. Now, you realized that had it been you started since 8:30, you would have done had a chance to finish earlier.

To meet up, you started working quickly yet had to battle with PROCRASTINATION and losing focus. Right at the end, you are really tired and just about to get on the bed; boom, you are yet to send a couple of emails.

And you know what? Tomorrow doesn’t look fair again!

Need a Help?

The best help you can get is a CHANGE in MINDSET!

As a remote worker, your biggest strength lies in having the right mindset to work through each day. With you feeling stressed, exhausted, and OVERWHELMED while never getting things done on time, it is apparent that you need a change in how you see things, plan, and work.

Before you can make an effective physical change, you need a positive mental change. This will help keep an incredible focus, and ultimately, improve your productivity.

Let’s assume you get to sit and complete a day’s work in six or fewer hours. It won’t be bad, right? This is not a dream but many remote worker’s reality. With time and practice, many people have learned the best ways to work from home highly productive.

From as early as 7 am, you can get up and finish a day’s task by noon. Then, take the rest of the day off as your FREE TIME. Mind you; this takes discipline.

Understandably, changing your mindset and being disciplined takes some knowledge. For this reason, as an experienced remote working high-end expert, I have developed a new course that will guide you step-by-step on how to work from home successfully, experience impressive productivity, and win more - while being sane.

So, let me introduce you to...


Learn the Secrets behind Working from Home and Developing a Mind for Success

work from home bundle

Below are what you can expect to get from the course:


work from home Ebook

Read carefully, please


  • How to develop a sense of accountability and motivation for your work
  • Handling tasks and structuring workflow for top-notch productivity
  • How to initiate positive habits that support focus, happiness, and a healthy lifestyle
  • Optimizing your health and learning the self-care tips
  • How to utilize handy apps for better output while spending lesser time
  • Learning about a productive workspace and setting a perfect home office; things to implement and avoid
  • How to start each day raring to go and get up to speed
  • Taking advantage of working remotely and spending free time on your hobbies
  • Why you should “eat the whole frog” in the morning
  • Surmounting the writer’s block – bypassing the difficulty of creating or writing with useful tips and tricks
  • Software and Tools that fosters teamwork and collaboration
  • Organizing your workspace for productivity
  • How to handle loneliness and isolation as a remote worker
  • And many more top secrets of remote working!


A Bulleted Checklist

cheklist work from home

Check off each highlight by viewing or printing this detailed checklist.

It comes in handy as a summary for the while course to help you get through the course easily.

Assets Cheat Sheet

work from home assets

Get access to top sites, blogs, app, forums, tools and services catalogue

Learn the following:

  • Best blogs and forums
  • Best tools
  • Useful tips and how to's
  • & more!

work from home mindmap

Get an immediate review of the major aspects and steps in the main course by taking a quick glance at the mindmap

Sounds Good?

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Yes it is ONLY $19.00? – not more. I understand that hardly will you find such a mouthwatering deal. But that’s okay!

After all, the idea behind the enlightening masterpiece is to help other budding remote workers trying to sort out their feet.

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Be Well and Stay Awesome
To Your Success,

Thomas Robbins


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