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Tinnitus at Night

Tinnitus at Night – 4 Factors And Possible Solutions

Tinnitus at Night – And Possible Solutions Tinnitus at night: Although we hardly know that our brain is receiving sounds, it regularly does. However, the more you get accustomed to the sounds, the lesser would be the mental attention towards the sounds. These sounds come in handy for the brain as it uses them to prepare for possible dangers. If you ever stay in an extremely quiet space, the brain will naturally replace the silence with its self-produced sensations.  This is similar to the anechoic chamber created […]

food and tinnitus

Food and Tinnitus – Connecting the dots

Food and Tinnitus: Understanding how foods contribute to ringing in the ears Understanding when and why tinnitus symptoms happen can be tricky. Sometimes, it can exist for a while and stop. In other cases, it could be a prolonged buzz, high pitch sound, or hiss. Thus, inconsistency is well-associated with tinnitus symptoms. The difference in sound and longevity could be due to different underlying issues or triggering factors such as loud music, noisy space, or damaged cells within the ear. Food and tinnitus also plays a role […]

guide for tinnitus

Guide for Tinnitus – A Patient’s must read

An Informative Guide for Tinnitus Patients For many, tinnitus, otherwise known as ringing ears, is a challenging and frustrating health condition. This is particularly true for those who love loud music or attend huge gatherings frequently. Understandably, you might be going eccentric with the incessant ringing in the ears. Don’t lose your head over it. Instead, remember that tinnitus could be remedied using different methods. If you are experiencing tinnitus symptoms for the first time and you don’t know what to do, below are effective methods to […]

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solutions to tinnitus

Proven Solutions to Tinnitus

Proven Solutions to Tinnitus That Everyone Should Know Are you noticing some strange ringing in your ears? It’s most likely tinnitus – and you are not alone. Several people experience the same challenge globally for various reasons. This is particularly true for those who are beyond 50 years. However, this is not to say it cannot affect anyone, regardless of your age. As a tinnitus patient and looking for solutions to tinnitus you don’t need to be alarmed or overly worried. Instead, endeavor to consider the following […]

Manage your Tinnitus

Manage your Tinnitus

Manage Your Tinnitus -What You Can Do? For those who have dealt with tinnitus before, they will agree that it’s an exasperating experience. From sleep deprivation, mood swings to frustration, it can have multiple effects on affected individuals. However, the first thing to know is that you need to be calm. From there, simply implement the ideas below to alleviate your tinnitus symptoms. Read on! Find a relaxing background noise Over time, most tinnitus patients have confirmed the effectiveness of using background noise. Home gadgets such as […]

8 Tinnitus Remedies

8 Tinnitus Remedies to Take a Break from

8 Remedies to Take a Break from Tinnitus Over the years, tinnitus has become more prevalent than ever, with about 36,000,000 cases in America. However, this exasperating condition is not without remedies. By following some tips and recommendations below on managing tinnitus, you can easily get a break from ringing ears. Read further. 1. A background noise One of the effective ways to curb constant ringing in ears is to set up background noise. Such noise may come from your fan, radio, or any other source. By […]