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Bite & Tinnitus

An Imperfect Bite & Tinnitus

An Imperfect Bite & Tinnitus: What You Should Know In recent times, it has been found that somatosensory tinnitus is real. This occurs as a result of an imperfect bite. Generally, it is widely agreed that tinnitus can emerge due to damages to the hair cells within the ear. However, auditory experts are now aware that imperfect bite can also be responsible for ringing in ears. This form of tinnitus arises when the muscles around the neck and jaw are tensioned, thus bite & tinnitus might be […]

Tinnitus in Winter

Tinnitus in Winter

Increased Tinnitus in the Winter: Is there any relationship? If you ever had to deal with tinnitus, you’ll agree that the steady buzzes can be annoying. Like an electrical hum, the ringing in ears will not only trouble you but reduces your hearing. For those using a hearing aid, it’s possible to feel that your hearing aid is responsible for the sound. This is not the case unless it’s faulty. In fact, by removing the aid, the sounds might even get louder since the tinnitus will no […]

Tinnitus in History

The History of Tinnitus

Tinnitus throughout History Undoubtedly, tinnitus is more common than ever in these noisy modern days. However, ringing in ears has been in existence for a long time. In fact, ancient Egyptian documented cases of tinnitus. Since then, the condition has been interpreted in several ways. If you would like to know the history of tinnitus existence and how it has been managed across many generations, here is an enlightening read for you! –Ancient Egypt Historically, the oldest documentation on tinnitus showed 17th century B.C on papyrus. Back […]

Silence the Ringing

Remedies for Tinnitus

solutions to tinnitus

Proven Solutions to Tinnitus

Proven Solutions to Tinnitus That Everyone Should Know Are you noticing some strange ringing in your ears? It’s most likely tinnitus – and you are not alone. Several people experience the same challenge globally for various reasons. This is particularly true for those who are beyond 50 years. However, this is not to say it cannot affect anyone, regardless of your age. As a tinnitus patient and looking for solutions to tinnitus you don’t need to be alarmed or overly worried. Instead, endeavor to consider the following […]

Manage your Tinnitus

Manage your Tinnitus

Manage Your Tinnitus -What You Can Do? For those who have dealt with tinnitus before, they will agree that it’s an exasperating experience. From sleep deprivation, mood swings to frustration, it can have multiple effects on affected individuals. However, the first thing to know is that you need to be calm. From there, simply implement the ideas below to alleviate your tinnitus symptoms. Read on! Find a relaxing background noise Over time, most tinnitus patients have confirmed the effectiveness of using background noise. Home gadgets such as […]

8 Tinnitus Remedies

8 Tinnitus Remedies to Take a Break from

8 Remedies to Take a Break from Tinnitus Over the years, tinnitus has become more prevalent than ever, with about 36,000,000 cases in America. However, this exasperating condition is not without remedies. By following some tips and recommendations below on managing tinnitus, you can easily get a break from ringing ears. Read further. 1. A background noise One of the effective ways to curb constant ringing in ears is to set up background noise. Such noise may come from your fan, radio, or any other source. By […]