Good Sleep with Tinnitus? 7 Practical Ideas

Good Sleep with Tinnitus

7 Practical Ideas That Can Help Get Good Sleep As a Tinnitus Patient

With over 30 million individuals dealing with a form of tinnitus or another, it’s one of the prevalent health conditions that demands considerable attention. However, the good news is that it’s manageable without having to spend several hundreds of dollars. This is particularly true if you can identify the condition early. Among the major symptoms of tinnitus is finding it difficult to sleep. If you are experiencing such an unpleasant situation due to tinnitus, you are best advised to implement the following highly recommended ideas: 

1. Refrain from attending noisy places

A public gathering where there are excessive noises, such as a football stadium, should be avoided if dealing with ringing ears. For those who work around such facilities or heavily crowded regions, you should use earplugs to reduce your ear’s exposure to loud noises. This is because excessive noises could facilitate constant ringing in ears. Besides, it can damage your ears and worsen pulsatile tinnitus. However, if you limit ear exposure to certain noises, it may stop current tinnitus from reoccurring.

2. Use a white noise machine

For those who are financially stable enough to get a white noise machine, it’s a good recommendation for sleeping at night, despite having tinnitus. Simply turn the machine on before going to bed. However, ensure that you run it for a few days to find out whether it works for you. Some individuals have reported how white noise only aggravates the condition. So, make your findings.

3. Relaxation methods

Several relaxation techniques come in handy for reducing tinnitus symptoms. A common technique is yoga. These techniques help relieve stress, which, in turn, lowers the chances of aggravating tinnitus symptoms. For this reason, tinnitus patients are advised to consider meditation, yoga, and other relaxation methods before sleeping at night.

4. Limit inflow of water into the ears

Perhaps, you are having a fun time with friends in the swimming pool, consider using earplugs. Aside from the pool, you should use the same device whenever there is a chance of water entering your ears as it could worsen tinnitus symptoms. Earplugs are also recommendable while taking a shower.

5. Consider previous medications

If you were taking a medication before the emergence of buzzing in ears, consider revisiting the drugs and inform your medical personnel about it. The reason is that some over-the-counter pills can contribute to tinnitus symptoms. Thus, stopping the intake of such medications could be the tinnitus cure that you seek. However, ensure that you are supervised by a medical doctor as it might not be safe to cut out certain drugs abruptly.

6. Get in touch with a reflexologist

Getting a massage to relieve stress and tension is also a proven method for reducing tinnitus symptoms. However, endeavor to perform due diligence on the history and reputation of your potential specialist. In other words, conduct a background check to ascertain the experience of the expert when it comes to handling tinnitus symptoms.

7. Generate soothing noise

If you cannot afford a white noise machine, put on your fan and try to sleep while focusing your attention on the sounds. Alternatively, you can also play soothing, soft music while trying to sleep. The sound will help distract your mind from the ringing in ears. Before you know it, you would be fast asleep.

Good Sleep with Tinnitus? a Conclusion

Alongside the practical solutions shared herein, you should express optimism. For some individuals, the conditions might not last for a long time, while others can experience something different. Regardless, exercise patience and try to get appropriate treatment. Meanwhile, apply the methods in this article to get some sleep. Stay safe!

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