How to Handle Tinnitus Effectively

handle tinnitus effectively

Annoying Ringing, Buzzing and Sounds In Ears: How to Handle Tinnitus Effectively

Unlike many decades back, several situations and events exist today that support the emergence of tinnitus. Otherwise known as ringing ears, many more people deal with the unhealthy buzzes and annoying sounds in the ears. If you ever have to deal with continuous noises from your ears, below are what you should do to handle tinnitus effectively:

Keep off noisy surroundings

If you notice frequent noises emanating from your ears without any clue of what to do, first take a break from loud noises. In a situation where you cannot leave immediately, consider using earplugs to reduce the noise level. The reason is that excessive exposure to loud sounds can spur high pitched ringing in ears. On the other hand, by keeping off noisy surroundings, you’ll be reducing the chances of developing tinnitus symptoms.

Get a trained expert

For those who are already dealing with full-fledged tinnitus, endeavor to see a medical doctor for proper diagnosis and possible medical solutions. However, don’t be alarmed if medical personnel claims there is no known solution. This is not exactly correct – it’s most likely that the doctor is not trained or educated on the subject. Simply find a specialist who has a track record in treating tinnitus.

Use a white noise device

Here is an apparatus that can give you a temporary solution, especially when sleeping at night. If you can get the ringing off your head, you’ll find it less challenging to sleep. However, ensure that you try out different white noise apparatus to find the most suitable sounds for yourself. The reason is that white noise device has been reported to aggravate tinnitus symptoms in some patients. Hence, ensure that you find the best option for yourself through a trial method.

Establish a background noise

This is a recommendable method for those who are on a tight budget and cannot afford a white noise device. Or perhaps, you are simply not close to an area to get one. An alternative is to create a background noise using your TV, music player, or fan. By focusing on the sound coming from the devices, it’ll help distract your mind from the buzzes in your head.

Consider anti-inflammatory diet

While an anti-inflammatory diet is not the most popular solution to tinnitus, it’s the most effective for individuals whose tinnitus stems from an inflammatory condition. By taking an anti-inflammatory diet, it will help gain some level of control over the tinnitus symptoms. Some notable recipes of an anti-inflammatory diet include fruits, vegetables, salmon, flaxseed oil, etc.

Keep off loud volume

The same way you need to refrain from noisy surroundings, you limit your exposure to excessively loud sounds. Otherwise, it can result in long-term loss of hearing. When this is combined with tinnitus, it could become a more severe health condition. But if you can avoid loud volumes, it will prevent aggravating tinnitus and supports improving your ear’s health. Again, if you will be exposed to loud volumes in a location, use an earplug or set the listening devices to an acceptable volume level.

Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT)

Here is a treatment option worth checking out if you can afford it. Over 80% of tinnitus patients reported positive results concerning the use of sound perception therapy. Using TRT helps orientate your mind that tinnitus is just a discernible and invisible part of your existence. In other words, you’ll start to consider it as something that is not an issue. With time, you’ll sense the ringing in your ears no more.

Limit stress to the barest minimum

A reliable way to avoid complicating tinnitus symptoms is to remove stress from your life as much as possible. If you are dealing with a poor interpersonal relationship, fix it. Avoid overworking at the office. Utilize your time effectively to reduce deadline pressure. Resolve any issues affecting your personal life. All these actions will increase your tranquility and lowers your stress levels while dealing with tinnitus.


By now, you are quite equipped to deal with tinnitus. Don’t start worrying excessively over the noises as it will only foster the situation. Instead, you should implement the proven tips and advice stated in this article to handle tinnitus effectively, for quick solutions and avoidance in the future. 

Coping with Tinnitus

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