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Sleep Better with Tinnitus, 4 Solutions

Tips for sleeping with tinnitus

4 Proven Solutions to Sleep Better with Tinnitus For those who had managed tinnitus in the past, they would agree that it is often associated with sleeping difficulties. Patients would complain about buzzing, roaring, or whooshing. Regardless of the sound type, finding peace and calmness may become challenging. When this happens, worry, stress, and concerns can materialize. These developments contribute to exasperating health conditions. Additionally, while staying in a quiet space, the high-pitched ringing in ears becomes even louder. This could be while hiking in a forest […]

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Tinnitus at Night – 4 Factors And Possible Solutions

Tinnitus at Night

Tinnitus at Night – And Possible Solutions Tinnitus at night: Although we hardly know that our brain is receiving sounds, it regularly does. However, the more you get accustomed to the sounds, the lesser would be the mental attention towards the sounds. These sounds come in handy for the brain as it uses them to prepare for possible dangers. If you ever stay in an extremely quiet space, the brain will naturally replace the silence with its self-produced sensations.  This is similar to the anechoic chamber created […]

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Good Sleep with Tinnitus? 7 Practical Ideas

Good Sleep with Tinnitus

7 Practical Ideas That Can Help Get Good Sleep As a Tinnitus Patient With over 30 million individuals dealing with a form of tinnitus or another, it’s one of the prevalent health conditions that demands considerable attention. However, the good news is that it’s manageable without having to spend several hundreds of dollars. This is particularly true if you can identify the condition early. Among the major symptoms of tinnitus is finding it difficult to sleep. If you are experiencing such an unpleasant situation due to tinnitus, […]

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