Tinnitus and Christmas – Keep it Merry!

Tinnitus and Christmas

Keep Christmas Merry: Socializing with tinnitus

Whether it’s autumn, fall, winter or summer, dealing with tinnitus can be challenging at any time of the year. However, things become even more difficult during the festive period, considering the higher number of invitations you are likely to receive.

From your work colleagues, team, friends to distant relatives, you want to meet everyone and enjoy the festivities together. In some cases, you might even be going out to the finest restaurant or attending the biggest concert in town. If you say no, you start feeling excluded and being isolated. Yet, the tinnitus in your head won’t stop screaming if you dare go to a crowded place or consume certain foods.

For this reason, you are constantly looking for excuses not to attend the next gathering or giving little to no attention to invitations. You prefer to sit at home and watch TV as your “Christmas special.” However, does it have to continue like this? Is there a solution to socialize despite having tinnitus? For prompt answers to your seemingly endless questions, here is an article that is written to help you.

Socializing with tinnitus

For you to continue reading, the situations above might have sounded familiar, or a relative is giving similar complaints. First off, you should know that this is not a one-person thing. In fact, a recent study showed that 4 in 10 individuals are dealing with tinnitus symptoms that are affecting their relationships with others. Thus, withdrawing or isolating from others could become a regular thing. 

However, does it have to continue like this every Christmas and New Year time? First off, you should be forthright with your ear condition when you meet family and friends. There is no shame or embarrassment when having to manage ringing in ears. In fact, considering that many are also tinnitus patients or previously affected, they are likely to offer helping hands or proffer solutions. And more so, since tinnitus is not a visible condition, people might not even realize it.

Be picky with restaurants

By informing your friends or families, they are likely to assist you by going out to less noisy environments or even sound-proof restaurants. It’s recommended to choose a restaurant having upholstered chairs, generous curtains, and low ceilings. This would lessen the amount of noise that could trigger your tinnitus. If you have some recommendable ideas in mind, feel free to suggest them to your friends. 

Other possible solutions

Consider the following solutions that can help you enjoy the festivity with your friends and families:

  1. Request for a seat in the quietest space possible.
  2. Humbly request for a reduced volume if the music seems likely to trigger your tinnitus condition. It’s likely to be bothering others too.
  3. Feel free to change location, seat, or places that can help keep your tinnitus mute. If the tinnitus is making it difficult for you to hear, sit beside people with “good” listening ears.
  4. Check-in when the restaurant is less crowded or quieter. A quick tip? Service is even better during such hours.

Handling a party

As a tinnitus patient, attending parties could be quite challenging considering the presence of loud music and talks from different people. You have to deal with a confusing wall of sounds. In this regard, you should consider the points shared earlier. Also, you may sit outside or in a less noisy room if possible. Furthermore, focus on a person or go with a partner – rather than four or five people. Sitting closely with the speaker also creates a friendly and intimate feeling. Finally, attend every party knowing that you cannot hear everything. So, don’t be too hard on yourself. 

Tinnitus and Christmas: a Conclusion

You don’t need to shut off your social life for tinnitus. Don’t allow the exasperating condition to win. Instead, be more meticulous about where you attend and when you do. Proper planning and coping strategies will help get through the festive period in the most exciting way possible. Enjoy the Christmas. 

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