Tinnitus at Night – 4 Factors And Possible Solutions

Tinnitus at Night

Tinnitus at Night – And Possible Solutions

Tinnitus at night: Although we hardly know that our brain is receiving sounds, it regularly does. However, the more you get accustomed to the sounds, the lesser would be the mental attention towards the sounds. These sounds come in handy for the brain as it uses them to prepare for possible dangers. If you ever stay in an extremely quiet space, the brain will naturally replace the silence with its self-produced sensations. 

This is similar to the anechoic chamber created by Microsoft. Described as the zone where sound dies, space possesses a -26.0 decibels sound level. To put into perspective, passive human breathing is about ten decibels. 

Studies have shown that when there is sensory deprivation, it induces hallucinations and experiences similar to psychotic episodes. This is because the brain will try to find an alternative to silence. These are known as auditory inputs. The absence of auditory inputs is just one of the possible conditions that can worsen tinnitus at night. Read this article to find out all the most common and possible factors:

Auditory inputs

As briefly suggested, auditory inputs are necessary for the proper functioning of the mental system. Otherwise, the brain would be triggered to introduce new auditory information that can result in psychotic-like experiences. In other words, the more quiet your bedroom is, the higher would be the chances of experiencing tinnitus episodes.


Here is another common facilitator of tinnitus symptoms. Loud ringing in the ears can also be aggravated by taking medical drugs. In fact, the Centre for Hearing Loss Help notes that more than 450 medications can trigger or aggravate tinnitus. The claim is based on multiple adverse reports. For instance, taking aspirins before bed may work for alleviating pain. However, a high dose of the medication has been associated with ringing ears.


Otherwise referred to as earwax, the ear regularly produces earwax. However, an excessive concentration of earwax in the ear can worsen tinnitus. This is because as it accumulates and solidifies, cerumen will pick up on body vibrations. At night, the vibrations are usually more pronounced due to the absence of auditory inputs. Also, the vibration can come from the blood flow across the carotid arteries or the pounding of the heart. These vibrations contribute to sounds in the ear.


After a hectic day, it’s common for many to use hard drinks to unwind. However, taking alcohol can raise the speed of your blood flow to the inner ear. This can also contribute to the worsening of tinnitus. Additionally, excessive alcohol intake can lead to permanent loss of hearing because the toxin may dilapidate the auditory cortex – a part for processing sound. 

Possible solutions to tinnitus

First off, taking Gingko helps increase blood flow to the brain. When you consume Gingko Biloba, the ginkgolides dilate the blood vessels and circulate more oxygen to the inner part of the ear. This helps perfuse the ear better, which supports better functioning and lowering of the chances of experience tinnitus.

Also, using a white noise generator comes in handy for managing tinnitus. When you introduce sound to your space, it reduces the need for the brain to fill the silence with its own sounds. Currently, many mobile apps are useful as noise generators. They even come with a set timer that puts off the sounds after some minutes or a few hours. You can go classic by using a ceiling fan too.

Tinnitus at Night: a Conclusion

Now that you have understood the possible factors that can trigger or aggravate tinnitus symptoms, you are best advised to try to prevent them as much as possible. This will help lower the chances of experiencing ringing ears. If you ever have to deal with tinnitus symptoms at night, consider the possible solutions discussed herein. 

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